The short answer is that ElderAdmin is designed to provide you, the Elder Manager, peace of mind. By preparing early, ElderAdmin helps make the care giving process easier and less stressful. At any time, you could get “the call”; Mom has fallen ill, or Dad has been involved in an auto accident and needs care. At times like these, multitudes of questions arise. By enrolling in ElderAdmin now, you will be prepared to answer many of the questions you will likely face.
Clients generally utilize ElderAdmin for peace of mind, saving time, better organization, the ability to share information, plus having data available in one secure location. Clients using ElderAdmin are better prepared to deal with day-to-day needs, as well as emergency situations. ElderAdmin helps relieve the anxieties associated with caring for an aging parent or loved one. ElderAdmin also offers an online community to share information with other users, post questions, and determine how best to handle your individual situation.
ElderAdmin utilizes a multi-layer security approach that safeguards the vital information of our clients. Security is managed through Secured Socket Layer (SSL) and state-of-the-art server technology provides peace of mind that our customers expect. Clients can share mom or dad’s information with family members through individualized accounts allowing subscribers to choose exactly which information is available to whom, along with customizable read/write authority.
When an emergency arises, you want to ensure you have the information you need at your fingertips. What if your siblings are not available and you get the call? Do they have the data to answer necessary questions that may be asked? What happens if your sibling loses the piece of paper or does not update it regularly? ElderAdmin centralizes this allowing multiple parties to have access; eliminating the issue of information being lost, misplaced, or outdated.
No. Additional Family Members can be added to your ElderAdmin account at no charge.
Yes. While ElderAdmin was designed with seniors in mind, it can be used for taking care of anyone.
Yes. You can be both the Elder Manager AND Elder Client. However, this is not ideal, as the Elder Manager and Elder Client are the only individuals with full administrative access to the account. It is recommended these be separate individuals in the event of an emergency, but not required.
Yes. ElderAdmin provides guidance through best practices, Useful Links, monthly newsletters and our online community.
Join ElderAdmin today and you instantly become part of our Community with access to tools, newsletters, useful links and a social media network that puts you in direct contact with others caring for loved ones.
ElderAdmin provides several different membership options to suit your needs. We offer a Free Membership, as well as monthly and annual subscriptions for our Premium Membership. Please visit our Sign Up page for membership plans and pricing.
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No. Personal information is our primary concern. ElderAdmin does not share or sell personal data. ElderAdmin may utilize your data for internal marketing or statistical analysis.