ElderAdmin Creates a Safety Net for Your Family

You just received that call you’ve dreaded. Mom or Dad has had an urgent medical crisis. Your name was given as the contact. You’ve suddenly become the caregiver-in-charge. The healthcare facility needs to know what type of insurance your parent has and other documentation such as if they have a healthcare directive, Power of Attorney or a Do Not Resuscitate Order.

This scenario is becoming more common as our population ages. Within a few years, at least half of Americans will be over 50 years of age. Individuals across the Baby Boomer, Sandwich and Gen-X generations will find themselves taking care of a parent or spouse due to a sudden or chronic illness.

Planning is Essential

Having your loved ones’ medical, healthcare and legal paperwork at your fingertips is valuable in any situation, but it takes on a critical element when an emergency occurs. How quickly will you be able to react? That depends on whether or not you know where and how to retrieve the information.

  • Immediate action--If you’ve planned ahead and know where to find all those important health, financial and legal documents you can put your plan into action immediately.
  • Delayed action--If you don’t know where these records are and aren’t sure where to even begin looking for them, then this can turn into a tumultuous situation. You not only have to deal with the emotional angst of seeing your loved one in failing health, but you have the added burden of finding and sorting through their drawers, files and contact lists to find the needed documents or individuals or institutions that may have them. It’s time-consuming and could have an immediate impact on your loved ones’ health care or financial situation. 

With ElderAdmin, you enter all your family’s records, certificates, and other paperwork so that if a critical event happens or if you just need to check an appointment date or a clause in one of your policies, you have that information at your fingertips. All you have to do is sign into your account and anything you need to provide to the hospital or doctor or anyone you need to contact is right there waiting to be downloaded.  Best of all, there are human beings answering our phone lines, who can help you with any problems and answer your questions right away.

ElderAdmin was created to alleviate caregivers’ stress and replace it with peace of mind, 365 days a year. Although we are a way to safeguard your family records for immediate access during an emergency, our service is also beneficial when things are running smoothly. ElderAdmin assists you with day-to-day family caregiving. This may include journaling how your loved ones are doing on a specific day, keeping track of their appointments on our online calendar, tracking their caregiver schedules, or keeping all your family members in constant communication with one another—no matter their location.

Find out how ElderAdmin can secure your family's healthcare, legal, insurance and personal records and ensure you have immediate access to it, when and where you need it. Preserve your legacy. Sign up today!